Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet "Grinny"

Diva, tom-boy, angelic, devilish, charismatic, independent, excited, friendly, loving.

Her favorite thing to do is anything I am doing. She wants to help and be praised. She wants to be a mini adult. She loves to mops, and sing, and sweep, and fold laundry. Take care of her babies. She is going to be an amazing Mama someday.

She is my girl. All I ever dreamed of and wanted in a daughter. She idolizes me and challenges me. She loves to do her hair and get all dressed up. But don't think for one second that she wont be the first one to jump into the mud puddles or pick up a worm. She follows her brothers around and believes she can do anything and everything that they can do. She is often the leader of the pack. She is dramatic and demanding and will let you know very quickly if the world is not falling into order on her every command. I think some days that I have created a monster, however I know all of her challenges now, will make her into one amazing human being as she grows older. She will lead people beautifully and never fail to take charge. She will be beautiful and kind to people bringing out true happiness in everyone who's path she crossed. She will make people see their own beauty inside and out. She is all the good I have possessed in my lifetime. She is my daughter and I could not be more proud!

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