Friday, November 30, 2012

Mama Rant

It's cold. Like, really cold. My feet are cold, my nose is cold. My children are about to be cold, because they are sick of being inside already and it hasn't even snowed yet, and because of this I might just put them on the street corner with all of thier belongings holding a free for the taking sign. You see I may be a super cool Mama when it comes to filling our days with fun activities, baking, cooking awesome meals ect. But, this Mama, DOES NOT GO OUTSIDE when jack frost is knocking on my door. We go directly from this heated house to the car that has been idling for 3 hours so I can make sure it's beyond warm, in fact stifling HOT!  So to all you entrepreneurs out there would someone please create a GIANT indoor space that completely makes us feel like we are outside in the middle of summer. Like, I'm talking a beach with real sand and waves, fake sun coming from the roof. Trees. Mountains, flowers. I'm even ok if you want to have some mosquitoes and a few flies. If you live in Maine you know why the heck we need something like this. Unfortunately I live in Maine which pretty much means we are poor cause we have to pay like 5 million dollars to heat our damn house in the winter so I'm thinking if someone could produce my vision in the actual town I live in that would be super cool. You will probably save the lives of children all over the state because mothers wont be going on crazy killing sprees during these horrid winter months!
Mom of 3

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