Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet "bear"

Aggressive, independent, hyper, destructive, thoughtful, kind, friendly, loud, 3 year old boy.

His favorite thing to to do is be LOUD and heard. He loves to bang things and stomp his feet. His cunning smile can take your breath away but quickly turn into a devilish grin and awesome giggle. He finds the good in the world and loves everyone but trusts few.

He is most like his Mama out of the three of them. He is independent refusing help often and wanting to figure everything out on his own. I get him. He gets me. We have a mutual respect for one another. He is my mini me. I look at him and see all that I did right in this world. He challenges me differently. He is ambitious and rules are hard for him because he wants to hold the world in his hands with no bounds. He will make a fantastic politician someday or perhaps a lawyer he can argue his way out of any situation and then flick you a smile that will light up your world. He is amazing and I love to watch him and listen to his stories.

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