Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crazy kids.....Need direction

My kids have no bounds to their endless supply of energy. I have learned over the past 3.5 years that directing this energy throughout the day brings more peace into my day and theirs as well. Our daily regiment looks something like this.
7am WAKE UP mom!
7:02 (lol) We are hungry!
7:30 Get dressed
7:50 brush teeth
8:00 Wake up Sissy(get her dressed)
8:10 shoes and coats
8:15 go to school
8:45 the girl and I come home to clean and pick up
10:00 I bring the girl to playgroup, dance, play date, appointments, ect.
12:00 head to pick up twins from school
1:00 home. Quiet time for boys (a Disney movie and relaxation station on couch.) and Nap time for sissy
2:00 Art, cooking, busy box, or other fun activity for twins
3:00 sissy is usually awake. (more constructive play)
4:00 I make dinner they play.
5:30 Daddy gets home eat dinner
6:00 Family play time
7:00 baths, stories, goodnight song, daily drawing, and bed
8:00 clean house......
Isn't that enough for one day?

Our days are full, and most of the time hectic and crazy. We are not rich so we have to be creative on how we fill our days. Our goal is to put smiles on our kids faces and keep them believing that life is kind and amazing for as long as possible. We are trying everyday to show them as much of the world at their fingertips as possible. It's easy to get into the hustle and bustle of daily living and forget that these days go by way too fast, I have really struggled but forced myself to learn that the mess will be there always but soon enough they won't want to see the world holding my hand so I better take these moments while I can get goal in life is to:  Always put the the broom down and dance with my babies!

In this blog I plan to invite you on our journey, the art projects, science experiments, recipes, and fun that makes up our life. We hope to inspire you to shut off the TV and get artistic, see the world, and be present every second of your kids life. ENJOY

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