Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kids: Busy boxes

I started these last winter in an attempt to occupy my kids during the winter when I needed to get things done, like cook dinner, do dishes, fold laundry ect. These have easily been the number one greatest home made projects of all time. A year later they are still being loved and used on an almost daily basis.
The busy boxes have a few rules both for the kids and I....
1. I NEVER say no to using the busy boxes (except the play-doh one because I absolutely HATE play-doh)
2. Only 1 busy box may be used at a time.
3. They have to sit at table to play.
4. They must clean the entire busy box up when they are done playing.
All of the products used to make these were purchased at the dollar tree or walmart or we already had them at the house. The cost was low and I have not had to re-purpose anything and I refill them often.
We have 8 boxes in the following categories:


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