Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet "G-man"

Sensitive, caring, kind, often easily frustrated, affectionate, agressive, curious, 3 year old boy.

His favorite things to do are to hugs and kiss his mom. I'm going to miss that in a few years. So I remember to never say hold on or wait a minute when his sweet little voice says "Mama, can i give you a hug and a kiss"....Yes you may G-man....always and forever.

He is emotionally effected good or bad by every word and action that enters his life. He requires the most patience from me. When I am irritated I have to work hard to be aware of my tone and reactions because they imprint on him the most out of the 3. He looks up to us. I want him to always feel that way. He is simply amazing and I just know that he will move mountains in his lifetime and truly care about all the people that enter his journey. I want to be more like him everyday~!

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