Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I found an awesome resource that I am totally addicted to and st share.....she is totally "that mom" that I aim to be. I think you will all find her sight inspiring so please check her out HERE. The first project that I just had to try washer sensory bags.....Fabulous and super cheap for hours of fun! These are the best ingredients to a great project. I took a trip to the dollar tree (addicted) and picked up some items to make these bags. I'm totally going to be making some more but I only had abut 10 min to get these ready before I had to jet! Here is what I came up with....
This first one is my under the sea....I took dish soap ($1 from dollar tree) and a pack of sea creatures (1$ DT) and put them in a ziplock back and reinforced ziplock with packaging tape....Fells squish and weird in child's hands you can also make animals swim which is A's personal fav!

This is the planes trains and automobile one, it's in liquid soap that gets all sudsy when squished around.
And the boys fav....bugs in gel. I put all the bugs in hair gel from the dollar tree and its super sticky and makes the bugs look stuck....They think it's great.
I'm looking to do a letter bag, a sparkle bag and an eye spy bag.....but I need to find the goodies for inside. When I do the letter one I'm going to use conditioner from DT so that they really have to search to find the letters I request! SOOOOO FUNNN! I love being a mom!
Please share with us what kids of sensory bags you make for you make for your kiddos!

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